I am a Full Stack Web Application Developer, based near Winchester, Hampshire, UK. For backend work, I primarily work with .Net coding in C#, working on MVC, library projects and Windows Services, among others. For frontend work, I currently work with JavaScript, various libraries including Knockout and Bootstrap, among others. I have also worked with Neo4j and Cypher (a NoSQL graph database) in my own time.

I currently have an interest in React.js, TypeScript, Java and Python, and I am consuming training on these topics.

I am a creative web developer with a talent for producing easy to use and intuitive web experiences with a robust back end. I pride myself in being able to work quickly and produce work that is well tested and of a very high standard. I have experience through the full development lifecycle covering browser-rendered content through to back end data stores. I also have an interest in the cutting edge and my work with the graph database Neo4j has lead to me giving a talk in London and receiving 1st prize in the Graph Gist Winter Challenge.

I am constantly researching new technologies and different ideas, and also looking for different methods to improve my coding; they don’t have to be new!

I keep a blog for a couple of reasons; to share knowledge and skills that I have gained and also in the hope that next time I find myself in a similar situation I can find the solution here much faster than I did originally. I have made it public so that others can have access to the solutions too, hopefully saving more coding time!

If you have a better solution or any other comments please do post them, and please let me know if any of the solutions work for you :)