I am a Technical Software Architect, having been a Full Stack Web Application Developer for 9 years, based near Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

I primarily work with .Net architecture with a mixture of APIs, SQL datastores and legacy code. I also work with interfacing with client and partner APIs, business requirements and producing high-level designs down to working agily with the technical leads on the detail of the design.

I currently have an interest in Python, AWS, graph databases and API design and security.

I keep a blog for a couple of reasons; to share knowledge and skills that I have gained and also in the hope that next time I find myself in a similar situation I can find the solution here much faster than I did originally. I have made it public so that others can have access to the solutions too, hopefully saving more coding time!

If you have a better solution or any other comments please do post them, and please let me know if any of the solutions work for you :)

16 hours ago
Would you hire Trump?
Don't call us, we'll call you...
*more hand sanitiser*
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6 days ago
I just signed the petition calling for an end to public money being used to subsidise MP's food, when MPs think the poorest don't deserve free school meals!
Add your name here: via @38_degrees
2 weeks ago
#NODES2020 with #Neo4j is currently live with a Cypher Deep Dive.

Ever wondered what Neo4j actually does with your Cypher query string? 🤔
@SasPeuk from @neo4j is telling us now... 🧐🤯
3 weeks ago
How about admitting that a mix of coursework modules and exams instead of a completely exam-based do-or-die-on-the-day approach was actually better and fairer? #returnToCoursework

'Plan B' for rigorous mock exams to avoid rerun of A-level fiasco
3 months ago
Disney, please sell the rights to 'Monkey Island' back to its creator Ron Gilbert - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange